100 thoughts on “Video shows students hiding as shots are fired”

  1. I love my country Trinidad and Tobago regardless of how the outside world look at our murder rates. We r still safer here,d first world countries r full of shit and crazy lil fuckers.TNT I love u

  2. The US need to deal with their guns problem. Its pathetic that I country I respect so much has this issue and they haven't solved it. God be with the families of the departed students. I'm just sad

  3. Dear lord I pray that you be with the families of these poor students who lost their lives. Help us understand why things happen and please come back soon so we can all reunite with these beautiful souls 😭❤️ I also pray that justice can be made, amen.

  4. No amount of gun laws could have prevented this attack. He could have easily bought it from some random seller or off the black market. A lot of these shootings are spontaneous and no one can see them coming. Cruz was extremely smart in doing what he did, he blended in by wearing a school shirt, what more can you think to do? The screams are chilling and I'm personally scared for my school, I think more precautions should be taken, but sometimes what you do is never enough.

  5. How is it that a white 19 year old who has just massacred people, is arrested but a black who didn't use
    His signal blinker is shot dead. ?

    How the HE'LL does that make sense ?

  6. Sure, this guy is a mass murderer, and a guy who killed homosexuals in night club is a terrorist. Are you serious? wtf! No difference, both are terrorists ! And why police didn't just shot him?? If he was an old sick man with a litle knife or bum ,they would shot him immediatly.

  7. As a proud gun owner… I believe gun reform is necessary in America … these type of atrocities do not occur in any other country but America. No civilian in my opinion needs an AR. If you would like to own an AR and shoot them this great country has a place for you it’s called the Military! God Bless those who were affected and killed in this terrible act.

  8. Thank you so much for being one of the few media reporters who chooses not to glorify the perpetrator and focus on the hundreds of victims in this tragedy. They deserve absolutely no attention for what they've done. These children and staff are the ones we need to be thinking of. I hope the survivors and family members can find solace soon.

  9. Guns arent the issue. The root cause of these shootings is Hate. School shootings are simply reflections of a broken society. Hate is a mindset that can be overcome. But if you continue to hate, do not expect to find love

  10. It should be mandatory for teachers to get fire arms training. One gun in the right hand.. can’t say it would have helped; but I definitely think it would decrease the amount of casualties.

  11. white person = mentally disturbed so whats new…..Govenor Scott… " we must make sure this never happens again" Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha…..which means nothing will change….

  12. Woman are fucking sheep why would you keep on screaming in a situation like this? Why would u scream at all? Why would you scream in any situation sheeple

  13. America USA is a sick country such as the stupid leaders mostly republicans and moron trump is sick there will be continues killing on till the sick leader bring about gun controls

  14. I’m sorry, but if someone breaks into my house or trespasses my property, they will be shot. Guns shouldn’t be banned over someone’s wrong decision making. How am I going to kill the motherfucker who tries robbing my house? With kindness?? No. With a bullet, bitch.

  15. That girl's scream. Horrifying. Men need to rid their entitlement. This shouldn't be shocking. This is predictable, honestly. Men need to change, gun laws need to change, our society needs to change.

  16. The failure of previous generations lies on the backs of the younger generations as burden to large to bare. We can not progress in a fiscally or socially productive way until we address the older generation’s short comings. A good place to start would be revamping the educational system and mental health system.

  17. Fuck u all…fuck u humans u all are disgusting 😑i wish MARS is my planet….fuuuuuuck u alllllllllll🖕🖕🖕fuccccccck u ….i want to shoot that same bullet inside that murderers ASS

  18. Probably again Trump's fault lmao new trend to blame on someone ahahha….all these big shots and politicians saying that things should be learned and gun violence to be taken seriously, yet applying no new laws on gun control, sweeeeeet….in this case dont send us a sympathy tweets stating what needs to be done and GO FKING ACTUALLY DO IT! I can talk about how I can fix the world but i am sitting on my ass, you are a politician, then go and do something….your tweets wont stop the violence or compromise the pain to the lost members of the families!

  19. Reposting this in the chance readers from Florida will read it:                            Panda Bamboo7 hours agoIf u live in that area, news stations report the hospital needs o negative. Please pray for the victims and donate whatever you can

  20. waiting for the pro gun people to blame the criminals that have guns , some need to look in the mirrior…. where do these guns come from? legal gun owners that tire of them and sell them to any tom, dick, or harry on the street or that guy that looked OK …. that is how criminals get their hands on once legal guns….and that is a fact…. but you won't hear that from NRA ….

  21. I bet you this was all because of the Trump Movement. Ever since, i've been hearing stories about school shootings. this is the 18th school shooting in the world and it's only mid-February. No offence to Trump supporters, as this is my opinion.

  22. This Country IS RAN & CONTROLLED BY WEALTHY WHITE FOLKS! I firmly believe it IS UP to White Folks to CHANGE THIS INSANITY! They have better start PONDERING on the Rep's they ELECT and SEND to Washington, in addition to our Republican Controlled States, this is where ALL this INSANITY is taking place!

    As so many of White Folks DEMAND that MUSLIMS DENY their TERRORIST'S Brothers & Sisters, White Folks from Trump on Down should be STANDING SHOULDER TO SHOULDER DEMANDING that our Congress, Senate & President CHANGE OUR GUN LAWS! Obama TRIED, and WHITE FOLKS JUST REFUSED to have EMPATHY with all the Senseless MURDERS, because THEY PREFER THE SMALL DONATIONS they BEG FOR, to run for and KEEP their SEATS in Washington, and all REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED STATES!

    Until they CHANGE THE RULES in Washington, TO ALLOW OPEN CARRY, GUN CARRYING AMERICANS to ENTER their CHAMBERS, as FREELY as they can have OPEN CARRY in our American Streets, Schools, etc, therefore, what they ALLOW for everyday Americans, SHOULD BE PRACTICED in their CHAMBER'S! SCREW THE ONE-SIDED DUMB SHIT!

    Additional INSANITY, young teens cannot purchase CIGARETTES or buy Alcohol, unless they are what 21?, or 18! But to ALLOW an 18 year old to purchase a WEAPON, you KNOW their is something SERIOUSLY INSANE about the Individuals whom Run & Control our Government & our States! WHITE FOLKS, YOU NEED TO CHECK YOU DUMB, GREEDY ASS SUPER STUPID, DUMB SHIT! GET THEM BASTARDS OUT OF WASHINGTON and OUT OF OUR CITIES and STATES! VOTE & FIRE THOSE WHORES & PROSTITUTES for a FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS, whom BELIEVE your children lives are NOT WORTH the SMALL DONATION THEY GET TO FUCK US!

  23. Americans say that the reason they have guns is to protect themselves from these horrible and senseless shootings but i don't think they realize that these shootings wouldn't happen if people weren't allowed guns.

  24. damn. my heart is aching. feel so sorry for the innocent lives were lost and the PAIN their loved ones will have to live with .
    all this huge damage was cause by one lowlife sick creature.. no he's not a human .

  25. these shootings are always happening in states where its stupid easy for anyone to get guns since there are pretty much no restrictions, but no civillian should even have access to fucking ar 15's like what are you gona use that for? home protection? hunting? bullshit, thats what a little handgun is for. the us puts business's like big tabacco, guns, and pharmaceuticals in higher regard than our own saftey, when its killing us. think about it, gun laws need to change or else shootings will become commonplace, we need to restrict access to weapons and have deeper more investigative background checks that involve local police-

  26. So sad what happened in this HS😔my condolences to all the families and students. Teachers are guilty, they bully students feed them with anger or they don’t stop students from bullied others. Not all the teachers are responsible, of course. But will be good if a psychiatrist evaluated them to see if they are capable to work with teens or kids. STOP 🛑 THE BULLYING!! God😢rest in peace all who lost their lives in a place where you supposedly go to build a better future.

  27. Little fucking pussy. Lost his mom and dad so you take future mom's and dads. A straight fucking little bitch. I hope the death penalty comes quick stop letting these crazy fucks get away with it.

  28. Who ever did this get a life even tho the shoots was expelled from the school and naughty there and had no friends and how I know that is because I live in the uk and I watch good morning British and it said his name and age!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Wow I work at a forge plant. Just got word that I’m going to be working 14hrs now because of the school shooting… we make AR15 at my job. Look out people my guns coming your way……

  30. So this adult 19 year old white male shoots up the school and he’s taken in alive?! I hope this isn’t another false flag, if it’s not, condolences. White TERRORIST labeled as “mentally disturbed”. Close the borders amirite?

  31. Take the guns and then you will really see a mass shooting. The government can do it better than anyone. Just think back to the bad old days of mao Mussolini Hitler staling lenin everyone of them took the guns and everyone of them mass murdered millions and millions of people. Then maybe after the massacre is over we can walk all the people that opposed guns around all the bodies just like the Soviets did with the citizens that followed Hitler.

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